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Chess The Game is a company engaged in the production and sale of wooden chess sets. We stand for quality and authenticity. Each product is created with the highest quality components and is quality crafted for years of dependable use and functionality. We guarantee the originality of each product you buy from us. We have and always will make sure that no child or forced labour is ever used. We don’t sell products made from woods classified as endangered.

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Magnetic Chess Sets vs. Traditional Chess Sets

The primary difference between magnetic chess sets and non-magnetic traditional chess sets is, of course, the presence of magnets. Magnetic chess sets contain a magnetic layer underneath the board as well as magnets inside each of the chess pieces. This means that the pieces will stick to the magnetic board, rather than sliding and moving around as traditional non-magnetic pieces would on a standard chess board. Some magnetic chess boards are designed to be travel sized, so they may feature a folding board design as well as compartment drawers to store pieces in while the game is being transported. Other magnetic boards are standard and cannot be folded.
Benefits of Playing with Magnetic Chess Sets
There are many benefits to playing with magnetic chess sets. The primary benefit, of course, is the fact that the chess pieces remain where you place them. This is beneficial for a few reasons. It allows you to play chess on the go, including on a train, airplane, or even in the backseat of a car; you can cure boredom and practice your chess game all at the same time, without having to worry about the pieces sliding around or going flying if there’s a sudden stop.
Another benefit to magnetic pieces is that they remain where placed for players who may have difficulty moving pieces around. This includes any adult players with unsteady hands as well as children learning how to play the game, who may find it difficult to keep the pieces upright, especially once the game really starts going.
There are many modern options for magnetic chess sets in today’s chess market, so you will have a wide range of board options to pick from; wooden magnetic chess boards are the most popular due to the durability and quality of the wood, so if you are looking for a magnetic chess set that will last a long time, consider that your best option.

Three Player Sets

Complete wooden folding chess sets which includes the pieces and the board. Bored with standard chess? Want to try new challenges? Stand against two armies simultaneously, make allies and roar into the battle!

Here we present you a variation of chess which includes a third player. This version was invented by an Italian F.Marinelli in 1772 and is a very interesting alternative to standard chess. The rules are added to each set. 

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