About Us

Our Vision

To provide quality chess sets to the world as we seek to enhance and elevate the living standards of our local producers in Poland. To promote the Polish culture through the sales of Polish chess sets to the world as we promote and better the lives small scale producers and craftsmen in Poland. To be instrumental in identifying the raw talent, within the upcoming craftsmen and in enabling them to develop to their full potential while offering support in marketing some of their products. You will see in our product profiles on the processes involved in producing the goods and the people behind it.

Who we are

Chess the Game is an eCommerce store with office and primary warehouse in Poland and the Netherlands. All our handicrafts are of Polish origin. Our company runs an worldwide export exchange

Our History

We continuously expand the range of product offerings. We offer an extensive assortment of Polish artifacts, including bestselling wooden chess sets.

About, Chess The Game

Chess the Game is a retailer of chess products of high quality and ensures you not only have a great shopping experience but receive outstanding customer service as well. Whether you are from chess club or school, looking to buy some inexpensive chess supplies in bulk or you are a chess lover of the fine handcrafted chess pieces, we will be at your service and make sure you find what you are looking for.

We stand for quality and authenticity. Each product is created with the highest quality components and is quality crafted for years of dependable use and functionality.

We guarantee the originality of each product you buy from us. We have and always will make sure that no child or forced labor is ever used. We don’t sell products made from woods classified as endangered.

You can count on us working to fulfill your wishes and answer your questions. Replying to the smallest of questions get the same friendly and helpful level of attention from us.

We want to be sure of your satisfaction in the long run. 

Our company runs an worldwide export exchange.

Effort and imagination put to work by our craftsmen, place our products in an avenue unoccupied by today’s mass production. The quality and range of design bring satisfaction to our customers.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, as we would be more than happy to give you a helpful hand.

About our Chess Sets

Folding chess sets are ideal for beginners and long-time players alike. The included storage space is helpful if you do not plan to keep your set out on display, particularly since they sometimes include built-in compartments to hold your chess pieces and also makes the chess set easily transportable for play with friends or while on vacation.

Folding boards come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so if you plan on taking one with you to travel, make sure that it’s small enough to fit comfortably in your bag or luggage. They are easy to store and usually come with standard style pieces. Folding chess boards come in a variety of materials, most popular being vinyl and wood. The folding style chess board actually has an interesting history. The first folding board dates back to 1125, and it was invented by a priest. At the time, chess was condemned by the eastern orthodox church, that threatened to excommunicate any member of the clergy caught playing it. So one inventive priest came up with the idea to disguise it. The first folding chess board just looked like two books lying together! Thanks to his ingenuity, nowadays we have a whole variety of folding boards, and they become more and more popular!

High in the mystic Carpathian Mountains of Poland, there live artisans that draw deep from a wellspring of history dating back centuries, honoring the finest traditions in wood carving.

Chess The Game is proud to offer the Carpathian Collection. These unique and handsomely designed chess pieces are made of Hornbeam and Sycamore, both woods that are found in the forests of East-Europe. Hornbeam (sometimes known as Ironwood) is mostly white and used for intricate and decorative carvings. Sycamore offers a dark brown, smooth textured wood, perfect for the dark pieces. These woods coupled with the craftsmanship of the Carpathian artisans make for some of the finest moderately priced chess sets available in the marketplace today.

Dark squares are carefully prepared to a beautiful brown color. Lighter squares are left as pale natural wood and are lacquered with perfect finish. Board lines, numbers and letters are near black. The dark playing pieces are stained in the same color as the dark squares on the board. The chess board has a high gloss lacquered finish.

About, Chess The Game

When folded, the chess board makes a storage compartment for the chess pieces, and is lined with green felt. Most of the stylish boards are made from beach and birch wood with nicely carved letters and numbers on the side, reminding you where the pieces go when following a chess game. Brass hinges complete the outside for easy closure.

Solid and robust chess sets that will provide years of enjoyment

All chess pieces are hand crafted in the Carpathian Mountains and makes a lovely gift.

The chess pieces have been carefully crafted, some are lightly weighted and all are equipped with felt pads on the bottom.

As this set is made of wood, it is bound to have naturally occurring variations in color within it. This chess set is uniquely made up to our requirements and includes all quality components.

Our attractive products combine a variety of high quality sets with competitive prices for you, a friend, a family-member or for your company.

Chess has stood the test of time, and will find its place in your hearts, minds and homes eventually.

It is our pleasure to invite you to become our new customer.